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Teaching Experience

Teaching, Creativity, and Collaboration

I am particularly interested in portraiture and self-representation and how we use art to learn about ourselves and others. In my courses, workshops, and consultation sessions, I encourage exploration and contemplation as part of the process of art-making. When relevant, I encourage students to incorporate interests that may not seem obvious or even art-oriented, to collaborate with musicians, scientists, poets, educators, children, friends, and family. In classes with retirees, I encourage revisiting their collections of personal photography and cherished historical family portraits to produce a body of work that will be their legacy. With a background in Special Education, I work with schools and organizations to incorporate art, photography, video, and creative dramatics into programs that focus on self-exploration and leadership development for children and youth

Teaching Advanced Level Special Projects and Creative Portrait-making Workshops with Duke University

Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University


Photography Workshops in the Swimming Pool 

While in Maryland, I developed a series of workshops with the area Aquatics Centers teaching couples and families to produce photographic imagery in the water. I am currently designing a curriculum for the Park and Recreation Programs at local aquatic centers and private residences.


Previous Teaching Experiences


Leadership Workshops for Youth at Elon University

Elon Academy at Elon University


University of Maryland

During the transitional period of the 90's digital evolution, I served on the studio art department faculty of the University of Maryland, teaching lens-based critical theory, wet darkroom, and digital imaging techniques at the university's Computer Science Center Information Technology Classroom Lab. There I developed a curriculum integrating the transition of film and wet darkroom into the digital capture and printmaking arena. 

Teaching Photography Gallery

University of Maryland


Collaborative Interdisciplinary Teaching at the University of Maryland and the Center for Young Children

Partnering with University of Maryland adjunct faculty member Maria Salvadore, we produced an undergraduate course through the school of education. The course combined digital technology with the creation of children's books and paired college students with preschoolers at the Center for Young Children on Campus.

Childhood, Imagination, and Visualizaton, Photography and Creative Expression in Children's Literature.

Internship Programs for College Students

At the university's Art and Learning Center, I served as director and founder of the Family Arts Enrichment program providing arts and leadership opportunities for the university community of faculty and staff with young children and the Photo Outreach Experiential Learning Program providing internship opportunities for my students, taking advantage of the rich political and cultural resources in the DC Metro community.

Student Outreach