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Commissions and Collaborations

I am a photographer surrounded by so many talented artists in the North Carolina Triangle community.

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If you are an artist interested in a photographic portrait or collaborative project, contact me to discuss your work and book a session.

Shana Tucker, Musician, Visitations

Alison Weiner, Musician, Visitations

Robbie Link, Musician, Visitations

Beverly Botsford, Musician, Visitations

Michael Goy and David Cooper, Musicians, Red Nucleus

Chieko Murasugi Painter, Mixed Media Artist East Meets West at Judea Reform 2014

Jaki Shelton Green Poet, NC Poet Laureate  Visitations, Portraits for Imani 2017, The Fence 2018

Katherine Armacost Painter  From the Series, Getting Layered and Edge of White

Peg Bachenheimer Painter From the Series, Getting Layered

Peg Gignoux, Textile Artist From the Series Beijing Impressions Revisited, Global Education Center UNC and Greenhill Gallery

Mirinda Kossoff, Jeweler Mixed Media, writer From the Series, Getting Layered and Inner Tattoo

Lou Lipsitz, Writer, psychologist From the Series, Inner Tattoo

Sandy Milroy  Multi-Media Artist, From the Series Beijing Impressions, Multi-Media Collaborations

Jim Oleson Woodcraft, From the Series, Inner Tattoo

Jean LeCluyse Graphite Artist, From the Series, Inner Tattoo

Luna Lee Ray Mixed Media Artist, From the Getting Layered Series, Frank Gallery

Hollie Taylor, Mixed Media Artist  Teens Youth Project

Anita Wolfenden, Tapestry, Mixed Media Artist From the Series, Edge of White