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Mothers, Daughters, and the Writing Life

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Featuring responsive portraiture to the work of Southern Writers from the upcoming anthology, Mothers & Strangers edited by Lee Smith and Samia Serageldin


Belle Boggs

Jaki Shelton Green

Stephanie Elizondo Griest

Jill McCorkle

Melody Moezzi

Samia Serageldin

Lee Smith



 The Writing Life at FRANK Gallery

Music with Red Nucleus duo

Michael Goy and David Cooper


The Writing Life at BLOCK Gallery

with the CLICK! Photo Festival

Music with jazz musician Brandon Mitchell




 A Creative Collaboration with Poet Laureate Jaki Shelton Green


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 Visitations at The Fence

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Face to Face, Familial Journeys in Photographic Portraiture

Durham City Hall Plaza



Visitations at the Durham Arts Council



Visitations at the FRANK GALLERY

Poetic Call and Response with

Jaki Shelton Green and

Mahalo Jazz




Click here for Adapted Aquatics Gallery

In 2013 I began photographing children and teens with disabilities, particularly those on the autism spectrum as a program of the Homestead Pool Adapted Recreation & Inclusion swimming classes.

A recent public arts project, Rockin the Spectrum, is a mix of documentary and abstracted imagery portraying the struggles and joy experienced by these students and their instructors as they navigate the underwater environment while learning to swim and to trust those who guide them. These portraits were awarded a NC State Arts and Humanities award for the Public Arts Commission project “Into The Streets,” a series of impressionistic images from the project and are permanently installed at the Homestead Aquatic Center.




BEIJING IMPRESSIONS: Portraits of a Shifting Landscape

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This traveling exhibition series incorporates the voices of many artists, educators, university students, and families; exploring intimacy, familial attachment, and transitional issues, transforming traditional photographic portraiture into multi-layered creative portrayals; interweaving objects, landscapes, memories, and stories. Within the 10 years since its inception in Beijing, the project has attained a broader audience, addressing the multiple cultural contexts of environment, urbanization, and migration.